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Fresh Baked Goods

Life is better with pie and you can find some delicious ones at our Farm Winery Store!

Apple $11.99                            Peach Melba $14.50

Apple Carmel  Walnut $13.50    Pumpkin $13.50

Apple Crisp $13.50                   Red Raspberry $16.00  

Apple Raspberry $14.50            Strawberry Rhubarb $15.00       

Cherry Vanilla $16.00                Wild Blueberry $16.00 

Peach Praline $13.50                Very Berry $16.00 (mixed berries)

Our pie crusts are made with all vegetable shortening and the fruit fillings include the traditional apple and pumpkin favorites plus tasty combinations like apple & raspberry and wild lemon & blueberry. Our lightly sweet British style scones are also a favorite, perfect when topped with some of our strawberry preserves. 

  Hilltop Orchards' sells fresh baked pies and other homemade baked goods  
  Apple Cider Donuts ... We make our famous cider donuts daily (and in the fall, several times per day) so you'll get to experience a fresh, delicious donut made from wholesome ingredients including our own cold pressed apple cider. Bet you can't eat just one!   fresh cider donuts made daily in the Berkshires  

Homemade Preserves… Your toast won't be same after it's been paired with our fresh fruit preserves (blueberry, fig and peach to name few). For something different, try our honey mustard dressing or jalapeno stuffed olives, black bean and corn salsa and dilly beans.

  Hilltop Orchards' homemade preserves are worth the trip to this Berkshire apple orchard  

Tree Ripe Apples… Don't know why, but an apple picked from the tree just tastes better. During the Fall you can get the fresh-from-the-tree taste of our home grown eco-friendly, no residue apples. We have 26 varieties, most available for pick-your-own but some reserved to make our fresh pressed cider, French style Cidre’, Johnny Mash hard cider and new Apple Ice Wine. 

        Link to more informaton on in-season apple picking


  Furnace Brook winery at Hilltop Orchards Cidre'  





Ginger Gold

Golden Delicious

Golden Russets*


Ida Red

Jersey Mac


Jona Mac




* These heirloom varieties have been grown here for over 100 years


Northern Spy

Paula Red

Red Delicious

Rhode Island Greenings (the original Granny Smith)*




Strawberry Apple

Summer Delight




Our Farm Winery Store sells locally grown foods

Old Chatham Sheephearding


Sustainable Agriculture that preserves local farmland. Hilltop Orchards follows an ecological approach to growing that even organic growers use – it employs the use of complementary methods such as weather forecasting and natural pest predators.  The result is a delicious tasting, residue-free eco-friendly apple.  The best news for residents and visitors to the Berkshires is that buying local also helps our environment by reducing the carbon footprint, maintaining open spaces and perpetuating the tradition of local farms.

According to a cover story in Time Magazine, "for food purists, "local" is the new "organic" -- the new ideal that promises healthier bodies and a healthier planet." Click here to link to the Time web site to read the complete article.

  Eat local to support local farmers and reduce the carbon footprint